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Sales and marketing professionals specializing in packaging, sanitation supplies and solutions for today's food service and janitorial markets.

Our strength is within our long-standing relationships; pairing the right manufacturers, operators, and distributors in order to provide products and solutions to all markets.




W. Jack Adair founded Adair & Company in 1969.  The company was established guided by the belief that product and market knowledge is critical to long-term success.  The focus was on the food service, paper and safety distributors in a limited geography.  Due to commitment and success, the company has had long-standing relationships with many of our manufactuers, distributors and customers.


Midwest Marketing was founded in 1983 by Owen Duvall to serve the janitorial, paper supply and industrial markets with an emphasis on building strong relationships with both the distributors and the manufacturers.


In February 2000, Adair & Company, Inc. and Midwest Marketing merged forming Adair Midwest.  The company is positioned to offer a comprehensive bundle of goods to all of our market segments.




Commitment to the sales growth of our customers in order to continue to be a successful growing company, focusing on demand creation.


Continuously building our relationships with distributors, end-users and the manufacturers we represent.


Focusing on our core business, targeting the foodservice, janitorial, supermarket and industrial segments.


Being proactive in growth, development and trends.


Striving for continuous improvement, both as a company and as individuals.


Offering a wealth of knowledge enabling us to educate and motivate our customers.


We are a proud member of IPEX.

To learn more about IPEX, click here.

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