Introducing IPEX

IPEX is a unified national team of influential sales and marketing professionals, dedicated to turning your business objectives into reality.


Formerly known as the Paper and Plastic Representatives Management Council (PPRMC), we’ve worked together for 20-years, and our team has evolved from its beginnings as a networking and education group, to become a company in its own right, renaming ourselves IPEX, representing the international packaging experts that we are.


All IPEX representatives are veterans in their fields, combining local market expertise with national reach and international connections. We offer true collaboration and partnership with you, our client. The result? You get innovative go-to-market solutions, competitive commission rates and seamless reporting – making your job easier in every possible way.























Our experienced representatives are strategically positioned to cover the US and Canada. They share common business systems to bring best practices, alignment and consistency to every part of the process, while at the same time always focusing on your specific local and regional needs.


To learn more about how IPEX can help you with your national representation needs, please call 800-827-4559 or email IPEX at or click here.